Why should accountants choose TPS Software?

Advanced Accountant-Specific Features

Everything you would expect from a time & billing program, with numerous additional features designed specifically for accountants.

Easy to Master

Accountants are quick to master our practice management for accountants,  intelligent, intuitive interface. Designed by and for accountants, it’s as user-friendly as it is powerful.

Incredible Support

You can count on our team of diverse specialists for personalized attention and expert guidance. Not only does our team know the software– we know your industry, too.

Watch Product Demo

See TPS Software in action.

Every Accountant Must Know 3 Things to Grow Their Practice:

  1. Which clients keep your practice alive, and which are draining your firm’s resources?
  2. Are you using the key talents of each staff member and partner effectively?
  3. Which current practices of your firm are the most profitable, and which are wasting time and resources?

TPS Software, practice management for accountants suite, provides deep insights into these crucial questions…giving you the knowledge you need to grow your business.

Core Features

  • Track Time + Billing

    Forget about forgetting. Easily track time and record expenses, whether you’re at your desk or on-the-go. Accurate tracking means accurate billing– and that’s something to smile about.

  • Monitor Clients and Projects

    Stay on top of all the moving pieces of your accounting firm– no matter how large or small. Unique “inquiry” reports allow for intricate drill-downs on every project and client– giving you at-a-glance overviews that are comprehensive and organized.

  • Create Custom Invoices + Reports

    Streamline your client invoicing with our selection of professional invoice templates. Be as detailed or as brief as you want with our easily customizable reports.

  • Manage Cash with WIP + AR Analysis

    Conveniently keep track of finance charges, statements, and aging resorts with built-in AR + WIP functionality.

  • Integrate with Your Favorite Programs

    Seamlessly integrate with accountant-approved programs like Microsoft Office. Conveniently export reports as PDF, Excel, Word, SV, RTF, XML, and RPT files.

  • Understand + Optimize Your Business

    Deepen your awareness of what’s growing your business and what’s holding it back. TPS Software provides the perspective you need to cut inefficiencies, optimize workflow, and always propel in the right direction.

What the press says:

5/5 Stars — Since TPS was build specifically for accountants, it has a straight forward and intuitive time and expense entry workflow. The user interface and navigation has a distinct Microsoft look and feel.

CPA Technology Advisor

While making Time and Billing easy to implement, TPS also incorporates a range of robust capabilities for more effective practice management.

TPS clients agree that Time & Billing has increased profits. ‘I switched to TPS Time & Billing, and while I thought I was doing well before, it increased my billings and collections so that I saved enough in the first year to buy a 2006 Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Fatboy,’ said James C. Mahoney, CPA, A Professional Corp. in West Toluca Lake, Calif.

CPA Magazine

TPS Software now offers small to mid-sized firms a practice management tool that is truly easy to use. The design of TPS Time & Billing software provides smaller accounting firms with a comprehensive time and billing system and the added bonus of practice management capabilities.

CPA Magazine

TPS is an excellent on-premises time and billing application, and it’s technology updates should allow it to work well into the future. It’s legacy of supporting only accounting professionals and their practices make it a good choice for firms who want a traditional time and billing solution which has industry practices built in to the application.

CPA Practice Advisor

Two Great Options

TPS Practice Management

2nd Generation – on premise TPS Practice Management


3rd Generation – TPS Cloud AXIS

What accountants say:

Love the program for its simplicity, logic and ease of use. Although customer service has been needed very infrequently, response is always excellent.

Novoto, California, USA

After evaluating over a dozen time tracking and management software packages ranging from $200 to over $3,000, TPS is our software of choice. Our search began in June 1999 and ended when we found TPS in May 2000. During this time we looked at virtually every software that includes the names “time” or “bill” plus many others. We believe the TPS time and billing program is the absolute best solution to our profitability management needs.

Souix Falls, South Dakota, USA

I’ve been very happy with TPS over the years, both with software, network/user features and your staff’s support. I couldn’t imagine my practice without it.

Burnaby, BC

A good product and I’m glad we switched. Your technical support is great. Thanks for getting a change in your software so I can now print a zero balance statement. It is always comforting to be listened to as a client.

Spokane, Washington, USA

Is TPS Software right for your accounting business? There’s only one way to find out. Talk to our customer support team today.