What’s New With TPS Software? July 2021 Release Notes

Accounting firms need a management tool that can keep up with an evolving industry and marketplace. We are always listening to our clients at TPS Software to learn how we can evolve our technology to be of the best use to you.

We’re proud to roll out our latest wave of updates, improvements, and new features. These release notes apply to both TPS On-Premise–our flagship accounting practice management–as well as TPS Cloud Axis, our newer cloud-based version.

We hope these updates make your life a little easier, and add even more value to your favorite accounting practice management tool.

TPS Cloud Axis Updates

One change coming to TPS Cloud Axis is an improved dashboard interface. The new design will make it easier to track your expenses and create reports faster than ever before. Another much anticipated change is that after this update, all invoices from vendors can be automatically sent once they’re approved by your team leader or manager. If you want to find out more about these

Improved Interface

One change coming to TPS Cloud Axis is an improved dashboard interface. The new design  provides a better interaction while using TPS Axis on mobile devices, making it easier to track expenses and create reports remotely faster than ever before.

We added a new icon located on the right lower section of the screen that will allow the staff to switch between the current and the new look. The switch will only be applied to the user’s session, it will not affect the rest of the staff. If you prefer to hide the new icon, once you click on it, you will be able to select one of the following options: Maybe later or Dismiss.

The option to switch between both looks will only be available until the end of August. After that, the new look will become the default view in TPS Cloud Axis. We would love to get your comments and feedback!

Connectivity Alert Notification

It’s frustrating when your computer can’t connect to an app while you’re trying to work. We have added a Connectivity Alert Notification to appear if the program is having problems connecting to the database. The Connectivity Alert Notification was designed only for this problem and it notifies the user of a potential interruption in their workflow, so they are able to save any important information before continuing on with other tasks.

connectivity alert notifications

Bi-Directional Email (Pro and Ultimate Only)

We are happy to announce that we now offer a bi-directional email function. The Pro and Ultimate subscription plans offer a way to send and receive emails. This new feature allows your firm to manage the emails, assign them to the client, to the staff, and even assign a status. Any email sent and received by TPS Cloud Axis is stored in the Email section, and in the Client Log.

The Email section is located on the main menu, it allows the user to view, assign, and reply to emails that were sent and received through the software. TPS currently offers an individual Client Log under each client, however, there is a new firm Client Log option located on the Tools menu, under the Email Tab, it provides columns and filters which will easily allow the user to identify if the email was sent successfully or if it failed.

Additionally, under the client list report menu, a new Client email status report was added to provide a detailed list of the email addresses that failed or bounced. These features will allow you to manage any incoming and outgoing emails.

When the client replies to an email, it will be sent to TPS Cloud Axis utilizing the ‘.net’ email address that was assigned to your firm.

For instance, ‘Email@FIRMURL.net’ if your TPS Firm URL is ABC-accounting.tpssoftware.com then the email address assigned to your account is: Email@abc-accounting.tpssoftware.net

Remember, the email address ends with ‘.net’.

bi-directional email icon

Notification Icon (Pro and Ultimate)

TPS Cloud Axis will send a notification when an email is received and when it fails to send. This screen will allow you to delete the notification or mark it as read.notification

Document Portal (Ultimate)

The document portal is available for the Ultimate subscription plan. It was designed to send invoices, statements, mass mailing and collection letters from Print/Send Batch through the Portal function. The client will receive an email notification with a link that will allow your client to download or preview the file.

In future releases, we will be introducing more features into the Document Portal.

document portal

Power BI Dashboard (Ultimate)

TPS Cloud Axis Ultimate plan includes the Power BI Dashboard section. Power BI is Microsoft’s latest business analytics service that provides an interactive overview of the firm’s activity.

power dashboard

TPS link to push A/R transactions into QuickBooks Online (Beta)

Our team has been developing a function to link the TPS Cloud Axis A/R transactions into QuickBooks Online (QBO).

This function will provide the ability to push the invoices, payments, and adjustments into QBO. If you are interested, we currently offer a Beta version for clients that would like to be part of our TPS Axis-QBO testing group. Please contact us for further information on the QBO linkage.

We added a new client log into the Tools menu allowing users to view the log for all clients in a single screen. A set of new user preferences were also added to the existing list. Now, the staff will be able to pre-set their preferences to be able to view or hide Inactive, Prospects or On Hold clients from the client selection fields.

user preferences

The Past Invoices tab from the Billing paragraph screen offers a new option to insert all the verbiage assigned on a prior invoice into your current bill.

billing paragraphs

The payment screen offers a new option that allows the user to find the client by searching for the invoice number.

payment screen

For TPS Cloud Axis Ultimate plan, Multi Office databases, a new column was added into the Client Import Excel Spreadsheet – Sample file. The column is called ‘Office Name’, and it was designed to allow the Office assignment to the new clients that will be imported into TPS Cloud Axis.

New Reports

New reports were added to allow better search and organization. Users can now run reports by employee information, client email status, WIP, client engagement and employee time analysis. There will be more document portal functionality and two-factor authentication on the way.

?Employee List: Other Information List 

?Client List: Client Email Status
?WIP – Billing Worksheet:

  • Detail – By Work Code – By Client 36 Months
  • Detail – By Work Code – By Client Date Employee
  • Detail – By Work Code – By Manager
  • Detail – By Work Code – By Partner
  • Detail – By Work Code – By Partner – Detail
  • Detail – By Date – By Billing Support
  • Detail – By Date – By Manager
  • Detail – By Date – By Partner
  • Detail – Summary – By Partner – Engagement

?A/R: Client Engagement with A/R

?Time – All Employees – Time Analysis – Employee:

  • By Office
  • 2 Year Compare Hours

Coming Soon:

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Document Portal – New functionality

TPS On-Premise Updates

Issues Fixed:

TPS Utilities

We resolved challenges with TPS Utilities. There will be no more issues with broken invoices and users will find we have fixed the inconsistencies on client’s group assignments.

New Features:

The release notes are now available once you go to the Help menu and select ‘Check for TPS Updates’. It will provide the list of the new features available in the new version.

release notes

TPS Utilities/TPS SQL Utilities – Logs

Our team is constantly working on improving the repair functionality to detect and fix inconsistencies. For that reason, under Tools there is a new section called Logs, that provides two new functions: View Historic Repair Logs, and an option to view Invoices with future time entries.

utilities logs

View Historic Repair Logs will provide a detailed list of the repair logs allowing us to review the issues that were identified and fixed.

historic repair log

Invoices with Future Time Entries provide an easier way of identifying the specific transactions that are affecting the calculation of the WIP Reconciliation reports. The WIP Rec reports are period sensitive and will not add across properly if an invoice dated on the current period includes WIP transactions for future periods. This tool will help identify which transactions are the ones affecting the results.

future time entry invoice


WIP Reconciliation Report – PTD – By Client with Future Transcations

We added a new report that includes a column for ‘Future Transactions’. It identifies the clients that include future period transactions on invoices dated in the current period. And, by using the ‘Utility new function under Tools; Logs; Invoices with future time entries’ you will be able to find the specific transactions that are causing the problem with the calculation on the report.

reconciliation report

Employee List – Bank Hours Reports

Reports now offer a new filter to show only Active or Inactive Employees.

Client List – By Relative Organization

Client list reports will display the Organizations assigned on each Client’s Properties under the Banks tab. We have added new variables to use in Client reports such as email and web page.

New Variables

  • Date/Year:
    • Prior Year End  @%PriorYearEnd%@
  • Client Properties:
    • Email  1 @%Email%@
    • Email  2 @%Email2%@
    • Web Page @%Website%@
    • Internal Billing Notes @%BillNotes%@
    • Invoice Notes @%InvoiceNotes%@
    • User Defined 1 @%UserDefined1%@
    • User Defined 2 @%UserDefined2%@
    • User Defined 3  @%UserDefined3%@
    • User Defined 4  @%UserDefined4%@
    • User Defined 5  @%UserDefined5%@
    • User Defined 6 @%UserDefined6%@

ARMmar Portal Improvements

ARMmar Portal Improvements include encrypted files, and notification emails now require a password.

Training Videos

In TPS Software you will find overview video tutorials throughout the main sections of the program. For clients that are part of the Active Support Plan we now offer a total of 37 in-depth Training Videos at no extra charge. Your firm will be able to access the videos at any time, and with no restrictions as far as how many users could view them.

If you’re on our Active Support Plan, use your password to access the Active Support Training Videos. If you do not know your password, or you are interested in joining our Active Support Plan, please contact us.

Thanks for Reading

We hope you found these software updates valuable to your accounting practice. If you have any questions or feedback about TPS Cloud Axis or our On-Premise solution, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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