TPS Cloud Axis New Features: August 2022 

Goodbye summer, hello TPS Cloud Axis New Features: August 2022! 

We’re always looking for ways to improve TPS Software, listening to feedback from accountants like you, implementing your suggestions, and adding new tools and features. We hope you find this latest round of new options useful in running your accounting practice.

Please note, that these features are only available in TPS Cloud Axis. If you’re still an on-premise user, consider making the switch to TPS Cloud Axis!

MS Office Integration

If you’re like most accountants, you spend a lot of time sorting emails and reviewing your work calendar. Now, you can do these things without leaving TPS Software, thanks to our new MS Office integration! 

MS Outlook 365 Email Integration

You can now send and receive emails in both TPS Cloud Axis and in MS Outlook 365, keeping a duplicate copy of the emails available in both programs. That way, you can manage your inbox without having to leave the TPS platform– and maintain a copy of the communications, so you can pick up where you left off when you switch between programs.

How does it work? Once integrated, any email you receive is identified and assigned based on the sender’s email address. TPS Software cross-checks the email with your client properties and employee information so it gets tagged correctly. To view your emails, head to the “Client Log” section, or just hit the Email icon in TPS Cloud Axis.

Not ready to integrate your entire team? No problem! This integration is set up per user and per Outlook account, giving you control over how your inbox is managed. Of course, the integration can also be disconnected at any time if required.

MS Outlook 365 Calendar Integration 

This integration offers the option to overlay the Outlook calendar on your Employee’s Workflow calendar. This helps ensure you’re not missing, or overlapping on, any important dates or deadlines. You can use this integration to improve your Workflow and simplify the process of managing your Outlook calendar. 

Client Portal

For members of our Ultimate Plan, TPS Cloud Axis now offers a Client Portal to facilitate document sharing, process payments, simplify processes, and improve the client experience.

Through the Client Portal, you can manage and send important documents to your clients. Additionally, the portal provides your clients with a secure method to verify what has been sent and received through the portal. This feature will improve your client’s experience, keep projects running smoothly, and make the process a little easier for your staff.

Payment processing

The new Client Portal in TPS Cloud Axis can also be integrated with online payment processing services such as Stripe, PayPal, and PayClix. (Coming soon: CPA Charge and Clover Connect!) Your firm will be able to connect to one of your existing accounts, and allow your clients to pay any outstanding Invoices by credit card. They can even use the Portal to send pre-payments.

All payments received in the portal are attached to the client’s A/R. No additional steps are required. Once you integrate online payment processing with TPS Cloud Axis, you can start inviting your clients to pay online in just a few steps. 

Workflow Tasks 

The addition of Workflow Tasks will help your firm smooth out processes and keep projects rolling smoothly between each step. With Workflow Tasks, you can create a list of the required steps or procedures involved for a specific type of event. 

Once those are applied to the Workflow, they will be available in the Workflow section for the staff to update based on their progress. That progress is visible in the Workflow event, and in the ‘Grid by Task’ view, where you can review the progress per task assigned.  

What Features Should We Add Next?

We love hearing your feedback and suggestions on how we can make TPS Cloud Axis even better for your firm. After all, it’s our mission to offer the best practice management software for accountants (and accountants only) on the planet.

If you have questions, suggestions, or feedback, we invite you to get in touch.

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