Time and Billing Tips for Accountants

Time management and accurate billing are crucial for accountants to ensure they are compensated fairly. Implement these time and billing tips to enhance your accounting practice’s efficiency and profitability.

Keep Track of Your Time

Accurately tracking your time is fundamental. Utilize reliable time-tracking software to monitor every minute you spend on client accounts. This helps in billing your clients accurately for the services rendered. Many accountants struggle with assigning a monetary value to their work, but your clients pay you for your time and expertise. Ensure you track every second spent on tasks, including research and meetings, to get paid what you deserve.

Bill for All Services Rendered

One of the most important tips is to bill for all services rendered. You might think that minor tasks or quick fixes don’t warrant billing, but every bit of your time is valuable. Offering free services sets a precedent that can lead to larger client expectations. Regardless of the task’s simplicity, bill appropriately to avoid working for free. This practice not only ensures fair compensation but also maintains the perceived value of your services.

Skip the Details (Unless Asked)

When it comes to invoicing clients, sometimes less is more. Giving too much detail can overwhelm clients and may not be necessary if you conduct your business ethically. Clients are typically focused on results rather than the minutiae of hourly billing. However, be prepared to provide detailed invoices if requested. This transparency helps build trust and demonstrates that your team is organized and efficient. Tools like TPS Cloud Axis can simplify this process, offering detailed client history, invoicing, and reporting.

Be Prompt with Client Communication

Clear and prompt communication is key to maintaining successful client relationships. Strive to return client calls and messages as quickly as possible to show that their needs are a priority. Additionally, these interactions are billable. Quick responses may seem insignificant but can add up to a significant amount over time, especially when multiple team members and clients are involved. Make sure to bill for these communications to reflect the true value of your services.

Avoid Underbilling Clients

Underbilling is a significant issue in many industries, including accounting. Charging less than what your services are worth can have several negative consequences. It can undervalue your profession, making it seem less credible compared to competitors who charge more. Clients may perceive cheaper services as lower quality. Ensure you communicate your value proposition clearly and stand firm on your pricing. Consistent underbilling can force you to take on more clients to make up for lost revenue, leading to burnout and reduced service quality. Know your worth and charge accordingly.

Put Thought Into Your Client Contracts

A well-drafted client contract is essential. It sets clear expectations for both parties and protects you from potential disputes. While it’s important to cover all bases, avoid overloading your contracts with unnecessary details. Experienced accountants know when to keep contracts flexible to allow for some latitude in unforeseen circumstances. Reflect on past client relationships to identify areas where your contracts could have been stronger. This proactive approach helps safeguard your practice and ensures smoother client interactions.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Leveraging technology can significantly streamline time and billing processes. Tools like TPS Cloud Axis are designed to simplify time tracking, invoicing, and client management. Automating these tasks reduces the likelihood of errors and frees up time to focus on client work. Cloud-based solutions also provide the flexibility to access your data from anywhere, enhancing efficiency and collaboration within your team. By integrating technology into your practice, you can improve accuracy, save time, and ultimately increase profitability.

Educate Your Clients

Educating your clients about the billing process can lead to smoother transactions and fewer disputes. Explain the importance of time tracking and how it reflects the value of the services provided. Transparency in your billing practices helps build trust and ensures clients understand what they are paying for. Regularly communicate with clients about their accounts, upcoming deadlines, and any additional services that might benefit them. This proactive approach not only enhances client relationships but also opens up opportunities for additional billable services.


Implementing these time and billing tips can significantly improve your accounting practice. Accurate time tracking, fair billing, clear communication, and leveraging technology are key to ensuring you are compensated fairly for your work.

For effortless time tracking and billing, consider TPS Cloud Axis, a cloud-based practice management tool designed specifically for accountants.

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