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Easily track accountant time and billing, and optimize your practice with our with our time and billing software for accountants.

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Why is Time and Billing Software for Accountants So Important?

Is the bread and butter of any practice. Most accountants know this, but the problem is– they hate tracking time! Don't follow the chain and use our time and billing software for accountants.

Even with the best intentions, most accountants make one of these mistakes:

  • Don’t track time at all and try to guess (inaccurately) at the end of a project how much time they spent 
  • Track time haphazardly, using an outdated spreadsheet or pen-and-paper system
  • Opt for value billing, which inevitably misses out on any unexpected time, communications, or obstacles that may arise in a project

In conclusion, the problem is– most accounting work occurs over a period of time. Interruptions, obstacles, and difficult or disorganized clients can drastically increase your workload. If a client brings in disorganized paperwork or is missing key financial documents, it throws off your entire schedule. It's impossible to know the exact time spent and profitability of each job– unless the accountant is dutifully tracking their time and billing.

Unless you’re using software for tracking time and billing, these moments are bound to slip through the cracks. When added up, they account for billable hours that you are essentially providing for free to those clients, thus rewarding their unwanted behavior and depriving yourself of your deserved compensation.

A proper time and billing software for accountants will allow you to:

  • Track time more accurately and with more ease
  • Create and reinforce the habit of tracking time
  • Increase productivity and billable hours Expedite billing and payment collection processes
  • Provide transparency to clients who inquire about their bill
  • Improve time management with an enhanced understanding of where time actually goes

Moreover, TPS Cloud Axis also provides a full suite of practice management tools to help optimize your accounting practice. From employee scheduling and client management to workflow and advanced reporting, thousands of accounting firms use TPS Cloud Axis to manage, optimize, and grow their practice.

Why is Time and Billing for Accountants So Difficult to Come By?

There is plenty of time and billing software on the market today, but very few programs are designed specifically for accountants. 

How do we know? TPS has provided time and billing for accountants since 1993. One of the reasons we got into this business is the difficulty our founders had trying to find a time and billing software for accountants that matched their unique needs.

Accountants are not the same as lawyers, contractors, web designers, or anyone else who may need to track time and billing. As an accountant, you have unique needs, services, timelines, and terminology that deserve to be considered in your time and billing program.

It’s no mystery why most time and billing programs are designed and marketed for everyone. Casting a wider net means they can pull in more users and therefore more revenue. But a one-size-fits-all program isn’t going to cut it for most accounting firms. Those tools simply can’t provide the same level of specificity, detail, and service in their time and billing for accountants. 

In other words, If you’re an accountant looking for time and billing software, you might as well look for time and billing specifically. You’ll find programs like TPS Cloud Axis to be no more expensive than more general time and billing tools, but significantly more effective. Learn more about TPS Cloud Axis below.

Time and Billing for Accountants Has Never Been Easier

Since 1999, TPS has helped more than 3,000 firms across the U.S. and Canada simplify time and billing for accountants.

Remote Access

Work and manage your practice from the office, at home, or on-the-go with 100% remote, cloud-based access for desktop, phones, and tablets.

Affordable Plans

Get the features you need without breaking the bank with affordable plans for accounting firms of all sizes, starting at just $10/month.

Easy to Use

Stop struggling with confusing software that slows you down. Our easy interface and built-in tutorial videos get you up to speed in no time.

Powerful Features

Optimize your practice with powerful features, from time and billing for accountants to advanced reporting and accounting practice management.

See TPS Cloud Axis in Action

Take your time and billing wherever you go with TPS Cloud Axis, our remote, affordable, and easy-to-use CPA time and billing for accountants.

Quick Overview: TPS Cloud Axis

Your day-to day-is complicated enough. You don't need a practice management software that makes it even harder.

Explore our time and billing software for accountants in this quick 1-minute video.

Time Tracking for Accountants

See how time entry works in TPS Cloud Axis and understand your options for time tracking.

  • Track time using our built-in timer or enter time manually 
  • Choose between time entry grid or calendar view.
  • See employee, date, clients, work codes, and the amount accrued. 
  • Explore built-in video tutorials
  • See monthly totals for all employee
  • Billing for Accountants

    Explore the billing screen in TPS Cloud Axis and understand your options for sorting and billing clients.

    • Sort by client name, ID, unbilled WIP, engagement, budget, and more
    • Choose between quick bill, detail bill, progress bill
    • Run a client inquiry or check client log
    • Prioritize unbilled clients

    Improving Time and Billing for Accountants

    Help yourself and your team track time more easily and accurately, expedite billing and processes, and increase productivity with these resources for accountants.

    August 19, 2021

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    March 25, 2021

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    Perhaps more than anyone, we understand time and billing for accountants.

    For more than 20 years, TPS Software has been helping accounting firms increase their productivity and grow their practice simply by using our CPA time and billing software.

    We work exclusively with accounting firms– and we mean that! Law firms and medical practices have reached out over the years in hopes of using our proprietary software, and the answer is always no– we only provide time and billing for accountants.

    Why? Because we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best customer service to our small and mid-sized accounting firm clients. Our software is designed with the unique needs of accountants in mind, and our team is specially trained in the needs, lingo, and preferences of accountants. 

    • When you reach out for support, you'll be talking to someone who speaks your language and truly understands the needs of your accounting practice.
    • When we release new updates, features, and resources, we do so based on the real-time feedback and requests of accountants like you.
    • When the industry evolves– whether due to technological advances, cultural shifts, or the COVID-19 pandemic– we are right there with you, helping your practice evolve along with it.

    We got into this game back in 1999 because we wanted to provide the absolute best solution for accountants. Since then, our platform has only evolved to become a powerful and comprehensive practice management solution, helping to optimize more than 3,000 accounting firms across Canada and the U.S.

    What can we say? We love accountants. If you’re an accountant, we know you’ll love TPS.

    Get CPA Time and Billing Software for Accountants

    What are you waiting for? You won’t find a better solution. Browse TPS Cloud Axis plans today, or schedule a 15-minute consultation to see the platform in action.