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Managing an accounting practice is challenging, but TPS Software's Cloud Axis takes the headache out of your day-to-day.


TPS Cloud Axis

Key Features

Time Tracking

Keep track of billable hours and expenses, and generate accurate reports for your clients.

Billing & Invoicing

Create invoices and process payments using customizable templates and more.

Client Management

Keep track of all your clients' information, including contact details, billing information and more.

Reporting & Analytics

Get detailed reports and analytics on client projects, employee productivity, and your firm’s profitability.

Workflow Management

Track projects, assign tasks, and collaborate with your team to keep everything organized and on track.

On The Cloud

Take your practice management everywhere you go.

Document Management

Store and share documents securely, with easy access for you and your clients.

Team Management

Employee calendars, scheduling, time tracking, and to-do lists.


Connect seamlessly with other software and tools you may already be using, such as QuickBooks Online as well as payment integrations like Stripe, CPACharge, PayClix, and PayPal.

Exceptional Support

Get speedy, human, hands-on help from a support team that understands your accounting practice.

TPS Cloud Axis Offers

Affordable Plans for Every Size Firm

$ 13 /Monthly USD

Simple Time And Billing

Reliable and user-friendly time and billing software with core features, an intuitive interface, suitable for any firm size.

  • Full Time & BillingFull Time & Billing
  • Time, WIP, AR, & HistoryTime, WIP, AR, & History
  • Mark Up/DownMark Up/Down
  • Billing– Quick, Detail, and ProgressBilling– Quick, Detail, and Progress
  • Client Inquiry– Time WIP, AR, & HistoryClient Inquiry– Time WIP, AR, & History
  • Reports– Time, WIP, AR, ProductivityReports– Time, WIP, AR, Productivity
  • Payments, Adjustments, Finance ChargesPayments, Adjustments, Finance Charges
  • Batch Client Invoice and Statement Batch Client Invoice and Statement
  • Email, Forum, and Phone SupportEmail, Forum, and Phone Support
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$ 18 /Monthly USD

Most Popular

For growing firms who want to track time and billing and manage their practice effectively.

  • Includes Full Time & Billing from EntrepreneurIncludes Full Time & Billing from Entrepreneur
  • Plus Full Practice ManagementPlus Full Practice Management
  • Firm Calendar & SchedulingFirm Calendar & Scheduling
  • Employee Calendar & SchedulingEmployee Calendar & Scheduling
  • Work Flow by Client– One-Time and RepetitiveWork Flow by Client– One-Time and Repetitive
  • Client Mass Mailing & EmailingClient Mass Mailing & Emailing
  • Client Historical Log including Notes, Invoices, Emails, Work FlowClient Historical Log including Notes, Invoices, Emails, Work Flow
  • Work Flow AlertsWork Flow Alerts
  • Work Flow ReportsWork Flow Reports
  • Bi-directional EmailBi-directional Email
  • Email, Forum, and Phone SupportEmail, Forum, and Phone Support
  • Employee “to do list”Employee “to do list”
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$ 25 /Monthly USD

Powerful Features

For fast-growing, multi-office firms who want to optimize their complex business environment.

  • Includes Full Time & Billing and Practice Management from ProIncludes Full Time & Billing and Practice Management from Pro
  • Multiple Office & ConsolidationMultiple Office & Consolidation
  • Email duplicated in MS Office 365 Outlook and TPS EmailEmail duplicated in MS Office 365 Outlook and TPS Email
  • Individual Office Reporting - All ReportsIndividual Office Reporting - All Reports
  • Consolidated Reporting - All ReportsConsolidated Reporting - All Reports
  • Quick Books Online IntegrationQuick Books Online Integration
  • Dashboard – Featuring MS Power BI reporting by partner, office and employeeDashboard – Featuring MS Power BI reporting by partner, office and employee
  • Secure Client Messaging via Inbound and Outbound PortalSecure Client Messaging via Inbound and Outbound Portal
  • Optional Online Invoice PaymentOptional Online Invoice Payment
  • Adobe E-SignAdobe E-Sign
  • DocuSignDocuSign
  • CPA ChargeCPA Charge
  • PayPalPayPal
  • StripeStripe
  • PayClixPayClix
  • Clover ConnectClover Connect

Integration products need a separate software license from each company. Inquire us for QBO onboarding fees.

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Management Software for Accountants why do accountants need

MS Power BI Integration
MS Power BI Integration

Analytics using MS Power BI is a critical feature for accountants because it provides powerful insights into your clients' data through data visualization and analytics tools.

With Power BI, you can analyze and present data in a way that's easy to understand, making it a valuable tool for communicating financial information to your clients. By using Analytics using MS Power BI, you can gain deeper insights into your clients' finances and make more informed business decisions.

Office 365 Outlook Integration
Office 365 Outlook Integration

Bi-Directional Linking to MS Office and 365 Outlook is essential for accountants as it integrates seamlessly, ensuring data accuracy and consistency. It duplicates all client communication in Outlook and TPS, saves time, reduces errors, and allows for a streamlined workflow.

This is an exclusive feature for our enterprise package that can significantly enhance accountants' productivity, accuracy, and efficiency in managing client communication.

Quick Books Online Integration
Quick Books Online Integration

Accountants can enhance their workflow by integrating QuickBooks Online with their practice management systems.

This integration automates the synchronization of client information, invoices, payments, and expenses, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors. It streamlines time tracking, billing, and financial reporting processes.

CPA Charge Integration
CPA Charge Integration

Integrating with CPA Charge offers significant benefits for tax professionals, primarily through its secure payment processing and compliance with industry standards.

CPA Charge provides a reliable and safe platform for handling client payments, ensuring data protection and minimizing the risk of fraud.

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