Why Upgrade to TPS Cloud Axis

If your accounting firm is using our On-Premise version of TPS, you may want to consider upgrading to our cloud-based version, TPS Cloud Axis.

Upgrading to TPS Cloud Axis is completely optional, and we encourage you to do what’s right for your firm. Since the launch of Cloud Axis in 2018, we have and will continue to serve our On-Premise clients through platform updates and great customer service.

Still, upgrading to TPS Cloud Axis offers a few advantages that you may want to consider for your firm. This article will walk you through TPS Cloud Axis and answer some common questions about making the switch.


Meet TPS Cloud Axis– our cloud-based solution

Like the TPS you know and love, TPS Cloud Axis is a practice management software designed exclusively for accounting firms. Unlike our on-premise solution, TPS Cloud Axis is completely cloud-based, allowing for 100% remote access by you and your staff, including on mobile devices.

You probably don’t need us to tell you how important this is. The pandemic fundamentally changed how and where the world works. Whether we like it or not, remote work is a solidified part of our present and future workforce. If your firm wants to be seen as current with the times it will need to adjust to this new reality.

With TPS Cloud Axis, your firm will have access to the full breadth of our practice management tools, whether in the office, working from home, or on-the-go. With the proper credentials, you can easily access TPS Cloud Axis from any computer or device, anywhere– no installation required.

Other Advantages of TPS Cloud Axis

While remote access is the main reason clients are switching to Cloud Axis, it also offers a few other distinct advantages.

Keeping your practice management solution up-to-date is easier with Cloud Axis, which offers automatic backup and updates. There is no need for you or your staff to manually update the software, which saves your team time and helps ensure the updates happen on time.

TPS Cloud Axis features a selection of new powerful tools and features, such as an improved interface, bi-directional-emails, notification customization, a document portal, a Power BI Dashboard, and bidirectional synchronization with QBO.

Larger firms will appreciate Cloud Axis’ multi-office capability, available on select plans. This option supports remote and in-office access to the platform across multiple offices and teams.

For both TPS Cloud Axis and On-Premise, we are constantly listening to and incorporating our clients’ feedback, adding new features and making improvements. As TPS Cloud Axis continues to grow in membership, it will continue to evolve with its users’ unique feedback and requests. If you want to be on the cutting-edge of cloud-based

In terms of cost, most TPS clients find cloud-access no more expensive than their on-premise solution. In fact, most firms that migrate to TPS Cloud Axis tell us that they saved in the long run not having to have or maintain their own networks. We offer affordable pricing plans for firms of all sizes, starting at just $10/month.

How to Upgrade to TPS Cloud Axis

Upgrading to TPS Cloud Axis is easy, fast, and cost-effective. Our team works with you every step of the way to ensure your data is transferred properly and nothing is lost. Our conversion process brings over everything, including historical data.

You also have the option to manually transfer the client and work code data internally, though this typically takes more time and can be somewhat nerve-wracking. Most TPS clients prefer to have our specialized transition team handle the process.

You can review a detailed breakdown of the transition process in our blog post How to Transition to TPS Cloud Axis. In terms of time and money, you can expect the process to take just a few business days and run $250-750, depending on the numbers of years of retained data and complexity. Our transition team will be able to provide a more exact quote during our initial pre-test phase.

Schedule a time to talk about upgrading to TPS Cloud Axis

If you are interested in upgrading to TPS Cloud Axis, we invite you to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with our team.

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