Etrends Group Case Study: Improved Time, Billing & Firm Insight

Company Information

NAME: Etrends Group

LOCATION: Offices in Utah, Tennessee, Nevada, and Puerto Rico

MAIN SERVICES: Consulting, tax, accounting law, entity structuring, retirement planning

INTERVIEW: Angelica Ortiz, Lead Billing Representative

Executive Overview

Etrends Group struggled with their previous time and billing software, finding it difficult to use and lacking in useful reports.

After choosing TPS Cloud Axis as their accounting practice management solution, Etrends Group increased the accuracy of their time and billing and gained a deeper understanding of the firm’s health and productivity.

“The first month we used TPS Software, everyone was able to accurately enter their time, and that’s never happened. I was able to track the time of everyone!

The Problem:

Employees at Etrends Group found the previous time and billing software difficult to use, particularly when it came to time entry. This would cause delays and inaccuracies in time tracking and reporting, which became a massive headache for managers when it came time to bill clients.

Time tracking inaccuracies also made it difficult for managers and leadership to determine productivity, both for individual employees and the firm as a whole. Without a clear understanding of the firm’s productivity, it was difficult to get a full picture of the profitability of different clients and projects.

Managers were also unhappy with the reporting capabilities of their previous software. They found the reports to be insufficient, offering little information that could be used to better understand or manage the firm.

The Solution:

Etrends Group needed a practice management solution that allowed employees to capture time more easily, expedite their billing processes, and produce reports that offered a more detailed look into firm health and productivity

A manager at Etrends Group came across TPS Cloud Axis in an industry magazine for accountants. The team was mainly intrigued by TPS’ robust reporting capabilities and easy-to-use interface. They also loved that it was designed exclusively for accountants, and focused on the tools and features that their firm needed.

Another bonus for Etrends Group was that TPS Cloud Axis is an entirely cloud-based program, available to employees and management when working remotely, on any computer or mobile device.

The YouTube videos helped learn the platform. They are also good for training the employees in how to use the program. They show you how to use different things and features in the program. I watched all of them. It was really easy to follow along with them.

Angelica Ortiz, lead billing representative,

The Results:

Since moving to TPS Cloud Axis, Etrends Group has gained a deeper understanding of the firm’s operations. Detailed AR and WIP reports have been particularly helpful in getting a sense of how efficiently the firm is operating. Several changes have been made as a result of these more robust reporting capabilities. Etrends Group has also seen increased accuracy of time entry, which led to faster and more detailed billing.

Bonus wins cited by Etrends Group:

A complete YouTube library of instructional videos for using TPS Cloud Axis and getting the most from its features.

More professional templates that can be designed and customized.

Often updated with new tools and features.

Customer service is helpful and answers quickly.

Angelica Ortiz

If you’re looking for software that’s simple and has everything detailed and well-presented, I would recommend TPS.

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