Our Clients Love Cloud Axis


  • Perfect choice for a SaaS application I have been a TPS user since 2005. I could not have practiced or grown my practice without TPS.

    Solid foundation for any project TPS is for me a lifesaver. It’s a time saver. It’s very easy to manage. When I open it up in the morning, I'm excited it’s TPS and not our former system.

    Karen N.

    Office Manager

  • Perfect choice for a SaaS application I combine TPS with QuickBooks for my billing and invoicing functions and use TPS to monitor my employees time usage.

    It has been very helpful and the support has been very quick to respond and assist with any problems.

    Quintion H.


  • After many years of using the on premise version, we switched to Cloud Axis at the end of last year. The transition was easy and the customer support is phenomenal - by far the best of any program we use. They listen to my feedback and promptly act on it whenever possible.

    Cloud Axis has simplified my job with its functionality and ease of use.

    Christine S.

    Office Manager

  • The software makes it easier to add, delete, create and everything else needed to work with our clients.The best all around feature about working with this product is your support personnel. Everyone I have worked with [SENSITIVE CONTENT] have so much knowledge and have been able to help me when my brain freezes over. Without their help I would be at a major loss trying to do my job. I can't say enough about your support staff and how wonderful they are.

    Sollenberger S.

    Office Manager

  • Time entry for employees is easy, straightforward and requires very little time. The ability to live-track time has improved time tracking compliance. Billing functionality has transformed how and when we bill. Being able to simply and quickly bill directly from TPS has taken out a lot of manual time calculation and manual billing compilation... Solid foundation for any project

    Frank P.


  • Perfect choice for a SaaS applicationWe used the TPS Desktop/On Premise software on a file server for 3-4 years and converted to TPS Axis in January 2021. Our staff members think Axis is much easier to use than the Desktop version of TPS was. It has been a wonderful change and I recommend TPS all the time.

    Dianne M.


  • In the 10 years we've been using, I have only had to call maybe two times for customer service help. This week was the second time. [sensitive content hidden] was fantastic to work with. I am not a techy person by any means & she was very polite, helpful, and explained to me what our situation was; which we will be updating in the near future.

    Dawn K.

    Executive Admin Assistant

  • Efficient Collaborating. It is perfect for our firm to track employee time and client projects. We used the desktop version for many years before changing over to the cloud version. It has been mostly smooth, plus there are many features that are new or updated. My favorite is their customer service team. I have worked with [sensitive content hidden] on many little tweaks and always come away with a simple solution in a timely fashion.

    Julie P.

    Director of First Impressions


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