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For 25 years, more than 10,000 accountants have trusted TPS Software to simplify and optimize their accounting practice, boost productivity, and make better data-driven decisions.

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Accountant-centric design

From the ground up, our software is crafted with the specific needs of accountants in mind.

Focused Functionality

Avoid the clutter of unnecessary features. TPS Software offers a streamlined experience, focusing on what truly matters to accountants.

Responsive Evolution

We continuously enhance and update features based on real-time feedback from accounting professionals like you.

Easy onboarding

Get up and running quickly with our videos, intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools.

simplify and optimize your accounting practice

With a legacy of over 25 years, TPS Software is built on a foundation of trust and evolution. Our solutions have evolved in step with the changing landscape of accounting, shaped by real feedback from professionals like you. We've seen the shifts, understood your challenges, and adapted to meet them.

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Everything you need to optimize your practice.

Simplify Your Day-to-Day and Maximize Your Long-Term Strategy With TPS Software

Track time and billing.

Effortlessly track project time, billable hours, and expenses with our accurate time tracking software. Quickly add project details and generate insightful client reports.

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Get paid quicker.

Streamline your invoicing with our customizable templates, easy invoice generation, simplified client payments, and integration with your favorite payment tools.

Elevate client experience.

TPS Software centralizes client data and streamlines communication for efficient service. The secure client portal enhances collaboration, all designed to deliver a smooth and professional client experience that builds strong relationships.

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Streamline your workflow.

Our platform automates tasks, streamlines team collaboration, and reduces human error. This allows you to manage deadlines and project progress with greater efficiency and accuracy.

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Collaborate more efficiently.

Facilitate seamless team collaboration with shared access to data and documents. Manage your team effortlessly with integrated employee calendars, scheduling, and to-do lists.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage powerful analytics tools to gain deeper insights from your data. Quickly produce in-depth or simplified reports and integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Power BI.

Embrace the Cloud

Access your data securely from anywhere, enabling seamless remote work. Collaborate more efficiently with clients, streamlining communication and project workflows.


TPS Software does everything we need it to, and more. All for less than most of the competition. Very pleased. –Russell C.

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Powerful integrations

Connect seamlessly with the tools you already use for a unified and efficient workflow.

“I want to THANK the entire TPS team for a wonderful experience over the years. Your software and support has been FANTASTIC. If everything in the world worked as reliably and professionally as TPS software has – what a wonderful world it would be.”

–John M. Hoffman, CPA


Unrivaled Customer Support

  • Talk to a human, not a robot.
  • Receive quick and effective assistance from people who "get" accountants.
  • Master tools quickly with built-in video guidance and a rich library of resources.

Why TPS Software?

Simple. We know what accountants need.

With a legacy spanning over 25 years, TPS Software is built on a foundation of trust and evolution. Our solutions have evolved in step with the changing landscape of accounting, shaped by real feedback from professionals like you. We've seen the shifts, understood your challenges, and adapted to meet them.

Trust in a platform that knows what you need — because we've been building it together, every step of the way.
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Navigating the Risks of AI in Accounting: Tips and Best Practices

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent in the accounting industry, with many accountants using AI-powered tools to streamline their workflows and improve their efficiency. While AI can be a powerful tool, it’s important to be aware of the risks and dangers associated with its use. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the […]

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Accounting in the Age of AI: How to Leverage AI for Accountants

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which may well be the case during tax season), you’ve likely been hearing a lot about AI lately. Tools like ChatGPT have put Artificial Intelligence into the hands of the public, driving both excitement and trepidation. What can AI do? Who is it for? Is it even safe? […]

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What is Accounting Practice Management?

A Comprehensive Guide for Accountants Whether you’re an accountant working solo or at an accounting firm, own an accounting practice, or help to run or manage one, chances are you’ve heard about accounting practice management.  You can probably deduce from the title what accounting practice management is – a tool to help manage one’s accounting […]

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Accounting Workflow: 4 Levels From Beginner to Complex

As an accountant, it’s essential to have a well-defined workflow to ensure that your firm runs smoothly and efficiently. A proper accounting workflow helps you manage your time, resources, and clients effectively, allowing you to meet deadlines, increase productivity, and achieve better results. The workflow requirements for accountants can vary from simple to complex, depending […]

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Continuing Education for Accountants: The Surprising Benefits

When did you last take the initiative to broaden your knowledge and skills as an accountant? Continuing education for accountants can lead to surprising benefits, learn more about them in this article. Naturally, accountants must complete continuing education– typically 120 CPE course hours every 36 months. And while this requirement ensures you maintain a fundamental level […]

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TPS Cloud Axis New Features: August 2022 

Goodbye summer, hello TPS Cloud Axis New Features: August 2022!  We’re always looking for ways to improve TPS Software, listening to feedback from accountants like you, implementing your suggestions, and adding new tools and features. We hope you find this latest round of new options useful in running your accounting practice. Please note, that these […]

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Time Tracking vs. Value Billing: What’s the Best Option for Accountants?

As an accountant, you always look for ways to optimize your time and billing practices. You want to accurately track your time so that you can bill your clients correctly, and you also want to find ways to save time to improve your efficiency. You may wonder if time tracking or value billing is the […]

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TPS Cloud Software: What Is Cloud and Is It Safe for Accountants?

In the world of accounting, data security is of the utmost importance. With constant access and storage of sensitive client information, accountants must take every precaution to ensure that their data is safe from potential threats. TPS Cloud is here for the accountants. However, the technology landscape is constantly changing, and new solutions are continually […]

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Tax Season for Accountants: Five Key Lessons

Tax season for accountants has officially ended, with both Canadian and U.S. tax deadlines now passed. According to IRS, as of April 1st, 2022, over 63 million refunds were issued worth more than $204 billion. Tax season can be a nerve-racking and hectic time for accounting firms. Client demands suddenly shoot sky-high, and trying to […]

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2024 Tax Season Memes for Accountants

If you working in accounting, chances are you’ll appreciate these tax season memes for accountants! The 2022 tax season ended recently– for both our U.S. and Canada-based clients– and after 21+ years of serving accountants, we know what an exhausting time that can be! We hope you survived tax season reasonably unscathed, and have been […]

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Etrends Group Case Study: Improved Time, Billing & Firm Insight

How They Improved Time Tracking, Expedited Billing, and Gained a Deeper Understanding of Firm Health.

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Parms + Company: A Cost-Effective and User-Friendly Solution

Parms Company Finds a More Cost-Effective and User-Friendly Solution with TPS Software.

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Accounting Practice Prepared? Winter is coming.

Is your accounting practice prepared for tax season?  If you’re thinking it’s a little early to begin preparing for the next tax season, think again. While the pandemic has pushed back tax filing deadlines for the past two years (and likely will again in next year), getting your accounting practice truly prepared will take more […]

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How to Keep Your Accounting Clients Coming Back for More

Let’s be real, here. Accounting isn’t the most glamorous of industries. While your clients may recognize the necessity of having an accountant, they’re probably not that excited to schedule their monthly or quarterly meeting or to increase spending on accounting services.  Believe it or not, you can provide your accounting clients with an experience that […]

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How to Create a Succession Plan for Your Accounting Firm

When you finally reach that stage where you no longer wish to continue working, it’s important that you have a plan in place

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Why Upgrade to TPS Cloud Axis

If your accounting firm is using our On-Premise version of TPS, you may want to consider upgrading to our cloud-based version, TPS Cloud Axis. Upgrading to TPS Cloud Axis is completely optional, and we encourage you to do what’s right for your firm. Since the launch of Cloud Axis in 2018, we have and will […]

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CPA Practice Management Software Review

The Technology Lab Podcast recently did a CPA Practice Management Software Review on both On-Premise Solution and TPS Cloud Axis, and we are really excited to share their feedback to you. The podcast’s main focus was on comparing our two products, On-Premise Solution and Cloud Axis. Both products are accounting practice management software that are […]

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TPS Cloud Axis Wins Best ‘Practice Management Technology’ K2 Award

While awards are nothing new for us here at TPS Software, we still get a little giddy over each one. Receiving outside recognition is a way to confirm we’re achieving what we set out to do: simplify and optimize accounting practice management for our clients. K2 Enterprises is a continuing professional education platform for accounting […]

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Time and Billing Tips for Accountants

Time management and accurate billing are crucial for accountants to ensure they are compensated fairly. Implement these time and billing tips to enhance your accounting practice’s efficiency and profitability. Keep Track of Your Time Accurately tracking your time is fundamental. Utilize reliable time-tracking software to monitor every minute you spend on client accounts. This helps […]

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12 Accounting Statistics That Will Make You Think

What could be more exciting than accounting statistics? No, really. We’ve been serving accountants for more than 20 years and, as a result, we find the industry pretty dang interesting. We keep an eye on industry trends and patterns over time, pulling insights from conversations with clients and accounting statistics like these. Bob Dylan said […]

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Cloud Accounting Software. Why Firms Need it in the Age of COVID-19

How has your accounting firm held up through the pandemic? In a survey conducted by Accounting Today’s parent company, Arizent, 62% of leaders said their firm’s productivity declined with more staff working from home. Nevertheless, 82% of firms were “very” or “somewhat” likely to continue allowing employees to work remotely after the pandemic.

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What’s New With TPS Software? July 2021 Release Notes

Accounting firms need a management tool that can keep up with an evolving industry and marketplace. We are always listening to our clients at TPS Software to learn how we can evolve our technology to be of the best use to you. We’re proud to roll out our latest wave of updates, improvements, and new […]

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6 Key Marketing Tips for Accounting Firms

It’s an unfortunate truth that accounting firms aren’t always the best at marketing. In the 20+ years we’ve been working with accountants, we’ve seen relatively few firms truly leverage the exciting marketing opportunities in our reach today. Perhaps that’s because accounting is seen by some to be a dry subject. Regardless, it’s an important one […]

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How to Create the Best Workflow for a CPA Firm

A Workflow for a CPA Firm… Is it really necessary? CPA Firms operate in a fast-paced environment, where they must juggle clients, do the work, meet deadlines, and work collaboratively. With so many moving parts, it’s easy for the process to get skewed from person to person. Things start slipping through the cracks or take […]

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7 Tips to Improve Time Tracking for Accountants

Looking for tips to improve time tracking for accountants? Managing your own work schedule is one thing, but managing your time and your team’s time in a remote environment– potentially filled with distractions and less-than-ideal working conditions – is a completely different beast. The issue of time management is not unique to accountants, but it […]

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What to Look for in an Accounting Management Software

As an accountant, you’re likely used to getting things done efficiently and don’t like to make mistakes. Does that sound like you? If so, selecting the proper accounting software is something you want to delve into only once and commit for life. We’ve outlined a few things to consider when looking for your perfect software match.

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9 Accounting Memes for Tax Season

As February approaches, accountants brace themselves for what will be a particularly unruly tax season. The pandemic sparked extended deadlines and new tax relief options to navigate, and more people will be in need of an accountant to help sort it all out. We thought a touch of “niche humor” might be appreciated during these challenging times.

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How to Transition from On-Premise to Cloud Axis

Are you currently using the On-Premise version of TPS Software and curious about TPS Cloud Axis– the online version of our accounting practice management solution? Many TPS clients have made the transition to Cloud Axis and it’s been serving them well. Here are frequently asked questions about transitioning to Cloud Axis and the steps you can take to make the switch.

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Will COVID-19 Drive More Freelance Accounting?

Could COVID-19 inspire more freelance accounting? Accounting has not been unaffected by the COVID-19 public health and economic crisis. At least 17,500 tax and accounting jobs have been lost, according to a report by CPA Trendlines. Many who kept their job suffered pay cuts, with one firm reporting 5% to 14% pay cuts for employees making less than $100,000 annually. Accountants who lost their jobs or suffered pay cuts may find freelance accounting a viable option.

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How to Manage a Remote Team of Accountants

With the unique challenges that working from home– particularly amidst a pandemic– provides, even the most seasoned managers are struggling to keep tabs on their team and maintain productivity.

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