Cloud-Based Accounting Practice Management

The world is changing. Keep up with a cloud-based software for accountants that saves time and money while enhancing productivity and optimizing your practice.

Monthly (USD)
Simple Time and Billing
For small firms and sole practitioners who want to quickly capture time and process invoices.
Full Time & Billing
Time, WIP, AR, & History
Mark Up/Down
Billing– Quick, Detail, and Progress
Client Inquiry– Time WIP, AR, & History
Reports– Time, WIP, AR, Productivity
Payments, Adjustments, Finance Charges
Batch Client Statements
Email and Forum Support
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Monthly (USD)
Powerful Features
For fast-growing, multi-office firms who want to optimize their complex business environment.
Includes Full Time & Billing and Practice Management from Pro
Multiple Office & Consolidation
Individual Office Reporting - All Reports
Consolidated Office Reporting - All Reports
Quick Books Online Integration
Dashboard: Employee and Partner
Email, Forum, and Phone Support
Coming Soon!

Prefer an On-Premise Solution?

Not the right time to transition to the cloud? Our flagship software is designed for accounting firms who do the bulk of their work on-premise. Talk to our team to see if on-premise is right for your practice.

Accounting Practice Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay an annual subscription for TPS Axis?

TPS Axis pricing is on a monthly subscription basis. This allows you to have more control over your subscription. You can cancel your account anytime.

Can I have subscriptions on different tiers?

Each subscription in TPS Axis will need to be on the same tier.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Indeed, you may upgrade or even downgrade your plan after you’ve subscribed to any plan.

Are there any hidden sign-up or termination fees?

Not at all. We do not charge sign-up fees or termination fees. What you’ll pay for is simply the fixed fee based on the plan you have chosen. There is a possible small cost recovery fee for conversion of your data to TPS Axis.

What support is offered with TPS Cloud Axis?

Built into the program are short, fun instructional videos to help you and your staff become comfortable with TPS Cloud Axis – compared to older manual or help screens, this video approach makes learning simple and fun. For more in-depth assistance, one of our capable support people can help you. Depending on your subscription this will include access to them through our forum, email or directly by telephone

How do we migrate existing data to TPS Cloud Axis?

If you want to convert more than a simple address list, TPS offers a conversion service. Over the past 20 years, we have assisted clients with migrating data from all of the popular programs. Ask one of our specialists for more details on what is converted, the process, and potential costs.

Can I start with one user and add more later?

Certainly, you will be able to start with one user subscription on any plan, and once you are ready, add the rest.