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Accounting practice management

TPS Software Highlights


Track Time and Billing

Simplify time tracking, produce more accurate and detailed invoices, and streamline billing for your staff and clients.


Improve Productivity

Save time and money by using work codes, workflows, and other tools designed to streamline tasks for accountants.


Manage Clients and Staff

Track client projects and staff productivity, manage employee calendars and scheduling, and better communicate with clients.


Make Better Business Decisions

Gain a deeper understanding of your practice, your clients and projects, your employees and their productivity with detailed data and advanced reporting

And It Syncs With Your Favorite Tools

Accountants Workflow Software

For more than 20 years, TPS Software has helped accountants increase their productivity and grow their practice simply by using our accounting practice management software.

We know what accountants actually need– and what just gets in the way! Our software is designed with the unique needs of accountants in mind, and our team is specially trained in the needs, lingo, and preferences of accountants.

That means when you reach out for support, you'll be talking to someone who speaks your language and truly understands the needs of your accounting practice. When we release new updates, features, and resources, we do so based on the real-time feedback and requests of accountants like you.

What can we say? We love accountants.
If you’re an accountant, we know you’ll love TPS.

What our customers are saying


After evaluating over a dozen time software ranging from $200 to over $3,000, TPS is our software of choice. It's the absolute best solution to our profitability management needs.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

We love the program for its simplicity, logic, and ease of use. Although customer service has been needed infrequently, response is always excellent.

Linda Spencer– Parms + Company


A message from our CEO

After more than 21 years of serving accounting firms, it’s safe to say that we know accountants. We have earned the trust of thousands of accountants who use TPS Software to simplify the day-to-day and optimize the long-term performance their practice.

Because we only serve accountants, we know what accountants need– and don’t need– in a practice management software. Every tool and feature in TPS Software is designed with accountants in mind. Even our support team is well-versed in the specific needs of accountants.

If you’re an accountant, you really can’t go wrong with TPS Software.


Ted Shandro


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7 Best Practices for Accounting Practice Management

After 20+ years working with more than 3,000 accounting firms across the U.S. and Canada– we know a thing or two about running an accounting practice.

Tap into our hard-won industry knowledge in this free Ebook, where we detail the top mistakes we see accountants make and provide insights into what the most productive, profitable accounting practices are doing right.

Accounting Can Be Ruff...

Get tips for running your accounting practice - and a few laughs - with our blog for accountants.

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