Can I run TPS if I don’t have Outlook?

Yes – At present, TPS may be configured to work with or without MS Outlook. If you wish to work with MS Outlook, TPS requires that at least one station has Outlook 2000 to 2013 installed.

If you do not have an appropriate version of MS Outlook at all, the scheduling functions will not operate as they rely on MS Outlook.

Is there a facility to import my current data from another product?

TPS provides a service of importing you existing client information. Depending on the complexity of the data our fees can range from as little as $150. Contact TPS support for complete details on the procedure.

Will TPS operate on a network?

TPS was designed to be multi-user and will install easily on a Windows 98, NT, Win 2000/2003/2008/2012 Server, Terminal Server (Remote Desktop), Citrix or Novell 5x network. The program files are installed on the individual stations and the invoices, database and reports are installed on the network.

How does the TPS licensing work with administrative and personnel that we track time for?

TPS is licensed by “active” timekeepers — the number of people you actively keep track of time for (not how many employees enter time or how many employees are in the firm). If you have 17 employees and one leaves and you hire one you will have 18 employees time records in WIP but only 17 are ‘active’ timekeepers thus a 17 timekeeper license is all that is required.

What is the user name in the demo?

To access the demo database, type “Alex” at the login-in screen. No password is required.

How secure is the information in TPS?

The TPS database uses a secure encryption to ensure no unauthorized access to the information. Each user is granted individual rights to the specific functions and features of TPS. For instance it is possible to eliminate the display of the billing rate of an employee.

What report writer does TPS use?

Creating custom reports is achieved using Crystal Reports (ver 11). Crystal reports is a powerful Windows-based report writer. TPS also uses MS Word for invoice templates and forms.

Is the TPS database "Open" to MS Access?

Due to the data encryption security, the MS Access database is not accessible except through Crystal reports. TPS does provide an “Export” feature that will copy all the non-encrypted information to a separate “Export.mdb” file.

What does TPS support include?

Support provides virtually unlimited access to our knowledgeable support staff. All calls are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. During slow times our response will generally be immediate with a maximum of 1 hour. During peak support times, we have never exceeded 24 hours.

How long has TPS been on the market?

TPS Time & Billing was released in April 1999 after an extensive testing period.

Will TPS work for firms other than accounting?

The features and functions of TPS have been designed to meet the unique needs of public accountants.

Will TPS work for larger firms?

Yes if you install it in the proscribed way. At some level network degradation may make using TPS in a “real time” mode less than satisfactory but TPS offers three solutions — consider the free upgrade to TPS SQL, utilize something like Terminal Server or Citrix, of TPS provides a no charge “remote” or non, real-time plug in. It is difficult to provide exact size where this will occur. A 60 person firm with only 15 people entering time and Billing will find TPS fine however a 45 person firm with 45 people billing and entering time simultaneously will note a marked decrease in performance in the MS Access version however the TPS SQL version will have no problems providing more than satisfactory performance.

Does TPS have a web interface that I can use to enter time from the internet or any mobile device?

YES – TPS users have the option to set up the ‘TPS Mobile’ feature which allows timekeepers to enter time from any smart phone, tablet or web browser.

Will TPS allow me to do work on a notebook while I am on the road and import it later when I return to the office?

YES – TPS provides a “Remote Time Entry” function accommodates transfers between notebooks and networks.

Does TPS provide a scheduling function?

TPS provides a Due Date scheduling function. In addition, TPS provides a direct link to MS Outlook’s scheduling feature.

What is the minimum configuration (both hardware and software)?

See Specifications — The hardware and software requirements for TPS are:


Pentium Dual-Core processor
2 GB Memory (RAM)
4GB HDD free space


Windows 98 – Win XP – Windows Vista – Windows 7 – Windows 8
MS Word ’97 – Word 2013
Outlook 2000 – Outlook 2013

Where is TPS located?

TPS has offices in Mississauga Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia. TPS continues to expand its operations and presence in the US.

Do I need MS Word? Why not Word Perfect?

TPS chose to standardize on MS Word as it’s invoice and form generation word processing application.

Tell me more about the new PayClix / TPS integration for collecting client invoice payments

PayClix integrates with TPS to deliver your invoices to your clients and receive their online payments. Client payments automatically update your TPS account balances. Payment methods available include Credit and Debit cards and electronic checks. Click here for more information.

What are the TPS support and update costs?


  • Single: $100
  • Per seat: $75
  • Example 5 users: $400


  • Single: $100
  • Per seat: $70
  • Example 5 user: $380

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