Get the most out of TPS Software!

A series of web-based, real-time training sessions are offered to our clients.

The sessions are made of several different courses laid out as “types”. Within each type we’ve set up different days and times to make it convenient for you to choose when you or your staff are available.

The training is held by way of a web site that you log in to, and at the same time a telephone conference call where the instructor interacts with the participants.

To maximize the benefit of the courses, we have limited the class size to 10. When the limit has been reached, that specific time/day session will be removed from the list.

Each course is $30 – take as many or as few as you wish in what ever order you chose.

We are committed to making these courses are of value to you.

Intro to TPS:
Designed for new clients of TPS, this session gives a brief overview of the flow of data in TPS (entering time, posting to wip, doing a bill, printing it and applying a payment).

Implementation Training:
Designed for new clients of TPS, this session walks you through the necessary steps to set up the database so that you may start using TPS: Entering Employees, Workcodes, Clients, Opening Balances, Firm information.

TPS Overview – Basic End User edition:
Designed for employees that simply need to track time in TPS and look up client info. The session will cover the navigation of the Client Section, entering Time in TPS and setting User Preferences.

TPS Overview – Administrator edition:
Designed for managerial staff, this session covers the workcode structure, employee information, entering payments, detaching/attaching prepayments, navigating client Inquiry screens, Finance Charge Utility, Collection Letter Utility

Billing in TPS:
Designed for employees who are responsible for billing in TPS, this session covers Quick Bill, Detail Bill, Progress Bill, Automatic Bill, Invoice Batch, Unbill/Rebill, and overview of Invoice Templates

TPS & Word Excel:
This session covers creating Templates, Exporting Reports to Excel & Word, Word Merge Letters, and Engagement Letters.

Administrative Reports: Reports we need to run our practice:
This session covers the core reports needed to run an accounting practice: Time reports for payroll, WIP reports for Billing, AR, Cash, Mailing lists, and Custom Report Wizard.

Management Reports: How to analyze my practice:
This session covers the reports in TPS that can help you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your practice: Who are your profitable clients, who are your efficient employees?

Due Date Monitoring:
TPS Due Dates allows you to track what work is coming due for the firm. This session provides an overview of how Due Dates works and the steps required to implement this portion of the program.

Month End/Year End Procedures and Reports:
Designed for administrative employees, this session demonstrates what tasks should be completed before closing a period/year end, what reports are important to run, why it is important to close periods and fiscal years, and how to create your next fiscal year.