TPS Cloud Axis

Our newest cloud-based tool

Using practice management software is essential when you are invested in your company’s growth.

Axis works as the backbone of your operations, allowing you to manage all aspects of your firm in a more effective way by providing you and your team members all the operational support you didn’t even know you needed.


Manage your accounting firm from your office desk, your house, or even the beach!

Save money on IT/hardware costs.


Never again lose sight of the client work with Axis. Find out what’s overdue, due today, this week, and more.


We keep track of your work so you don’t have to. You can focus on growing your business and revenue.


Axis will allow you to manage your accounting firm without having to worry about information falling through the cracks.


Axis is secure and encrypted so only you can access your data.


Gain control over your firm’s clients, data, and activities. Stop guessing if work has been done or not, with Axis you will know!

TPS Cloud Axis Plans


$0 USD MO.

Intended for a startup accounting firm or sole practitioner wanting to capture one user’s time and get an invoice out the door quickly and easily.


$10 USD MO.

Ideal for small to mid-sized firms looking to manage time and accounts receivables along with the ability to simply and quickly analyze productivity.


$15 USD MO.

Designed for a proactive firm wanting to track time and billing but also implement effective practice management ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.


$20 USD MO.

For fast-growing, multi-partner, multi-office firms needing all the tools necessary to ensure they maximize their firm’s complex environment.

Axis provides a wide range of essential, scalable, features that will meet the needs of a growing accounting firm – but the basics are FREE!

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