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Video tutorials are available for every tool and feature in Cloud Axis. To help you get started quickly, this page features a few core “overview” videos, frequently asked questions, and other resources to help optimize your practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the conversion process require?

Most of the conversions are done in a few simple steps to ensure minimal disruption to your firm. You have a practice to run. Each step may take a day or two but they will work with your team to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

I forgot my TPS Axis admin password. How can I reset it?

No problem, you will be able to reset your password by going to the manage your account page and clicking on Forgot Password

Is it possible to convert my On-Premise data into TPS Cloud Axis?

Yes, we offer a data conversion service that will convert your On-Premise TPS data to a TPS Cloud Axis database. This process will convert your clients, employees, work codes, WIP, AR and History. 

If you would like more information regarding the options and fees for our data conversion services, please email us at axis_conversions@tpssoftware.com


Could I import my clients and work codes from an Excel list?

Absolutely, TPS Cloud Axis allows you to import your Clients and Work codes using the MS Excel templates provided with the columns and format required for the import.

What support is offered with TPS Cloud Axis?

Built into the program are short, fun instructional videos to help you and your staff become comfortable with TPS Cloud Axis – compared to older manual or help screens, this video approach makes learning simple and fun. For more in-depth assistance, one of our capable support people can help you. Depending on your subscription this will include access to them through our forum, email or directly by telephone.

I understand TPS Cloud Axis does not provide a manual.

Yes, you are correct. Our Help Group felt creating an individualized, easy to follow, short video embedded right where you would be needing help was a more effective learning tool.

Does TPS Cloud Axis offer standard templates for Invoices, Statements and common letters?

Yes, you do not need to start from scratch with TPS Cloud Axis – included is a library of Invoices, Statements, and Common Letters in an MS Word format that are simple to edit and customize to meet your firm’s needs.

Does TPS Cloud Axis provide the ability to handle firms with Multiple Offices?

Yes, in the Ultimate Version of TPS Cloud Axis a firm can create any number of offices and assign clients to each. The views and reports respect the Current Office selected to ensure only relevant clients are displayed.

Can TPS Cloud Axis handle larger firms?

Yes, Firm size, e.g. number of employees or clients is not an issue with TPS Cloud Axis


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