Time billing and practice management
for accountants and their firms.

Accountant-Specific Features

Time Tracking & Billing

WIP + AR Analysis

Custom Invoices

Project Breakdowns

Accounts Receivable

Client Reports

Helping Accountants Account For:

Time & Billing

Stop leaving money on the table. Easily track time, record expenses, and accelerate billing for your accounting services.

Projects & Clients

Do your clients proud. Detailed project management and customer breakdowns gives every client the attention they deserve.

Being Human.

It’s easy to overlook the “little things,” so we keep track of them for you. That way, you can spend less time tracking and more time growing your business.

Tired of trying to make software bend to your will?

TPS Software is artfully designed with accountants in mind.

TPS Software is an intelligent, intuitive practice management for accountant’s software that makes life and business easier. We make it incredibly easy to track time, streamline billing, enhance productivity, and treat your clients right– all with custom-designed features that “one-size-fits-all” programs just can’t match.

Account-Friendly Features:

  • Track time + billing with accountant-specific features
  • Manage + optimize cashflow with WIP + AR analysis
  • Create custom invoices and reports with flexible formatting
  • Log time from your desktop, phone, or tablet
  • Monitor Accounts Receivable with comprehensive features
  • Optimize your day “at-a-glance” with unique color-coded display
  • Easily integrate with programs you already use like MS Outlook + MS Office

Hello, accountants.

For a software to work well, it must know who it’s working for.

If you’re an accountant, TPS, Practice Management
for Accountants, Software is working for you.

TPS Software was designed specifically with accountants in mind. We’ve been serving the accounting profession for over 14 years. In that time, we’ve constantly tweaked, fine-tuned, and adjusted our processes according to the input and feedback of real accountants– allowing us to serve the industry better than the rest.

We make your business easier because we understand it.

  • Simple.

    Easy to use and understand, TPS Software takes the guesswork out of practice management and makes it simple for accountants to optimize every aspect of their practice.

  • Powerful.

    With deep functionality, robust abilities, and extensive industry-specific features, TPS Software is a comprehensive all-in-one solution for accountants and their firms.

  • Cost Effective.

    Everything you’d expect from an expensive time & billing program– plus unique accountant-specific features–all at a fraction of the price of most “one-size-fits-all” softwares.

What others say about us

Love the program for its simplicity, logic, and ease of use. Although customer service has been needed infrequently, response is always excellent.

Novoto, California

I am just a small firm but after using TPS for just a short time I was horrified to realize how much I had been leaving on the table.

New York, NY, USA

TPS– The best software choice I’ve made in my 40 years of practice. I’ve grown my practice 300% since I started on TPS and it has kept up and allowed me to maintain control over my practice. 

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

I just love the program and you and your staff have been so patient with me. Every issue I’ve had to date has been quickly and completely solved. 

Richmond, BC

Decide for yourself if TPS Software is right for you. Talk to our customer support team today.

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